Monday, February 15, 2010

SaaS and RIA applications

Seems to be different in combining the two broad terms of services and technology, Software as a Service and Rich Internet Applications show a new concept in the existing market. These two areas when worked together in an enterprise represent a shift in software to real-time.
The latest business enterprises tend to be on the web round the clock, coordinating between the customers and data and focuses towards the variations caused due to changes in market conditions and multiple information sectors.
As the demand increases to move the business to a Software-as-a-Service model by the clients , using Rich Internet Applications can be the basis to interact with customers and data in real-time. This leads to a quick response in gaining competitive opportunities .
In general, Enabling delivery of a rich UI and immersive experiences with the interactivity and user engagement similar to desktop applications and interconnectivity of the web are the common goals of each of the RIA technologies. Also, there might be a conflict on which Rich Internet Application development tool must be chosen - Flex, Silverlight, or an AJAX framework.
On the other hand, one of the main added advantage of Rich Internet Applications is that they are, by nature, 'rich' – in a brief term ,they have a best user interface and enhanced functionality. As any business product delivers very sophisticated, responsive, interactive and graphically rich applications over the web, depending on the requirements, team, applications, Flex, Ajax , Silverlight , JAVAFX , etc may be chosen.
Identifying problems that client needs to solve and selecting the appropriate RIA technology is required. For each application one requires performance, interactivity, security, maintainability, scalability and in-house expertise, and then give their clients a recommendation as to the best technology or combination of technologies.
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